The Journey... 

Tours: Taste and see that the Lord is Good! (Start with prayer and the Gospel of John)

"Being the church" (a community of disciple-makers) is very 

different, and way more than, "going to church".

Starting with the end in mind: Jesus said wherever you go - make [new] disciples! 

New disciple-making is a deeply spiritual thing! It's not accomplished by mere knowing or spouting stuff about the Bible, God or Jesus. It starts with truly being overtaken by God's love for Him and His love for those who do not yet know Him. The moment we begin to humble ourselves to that internal transformation, His desire to reach our neighbors, we will awaken us to the reality that we are already sent - and great Joy awaits us. Already positioned among those we work and live around, we are to fulfill our role in God's redemptive mission, by daily being a living example & conduit of the Supernatural Gospel. This Gospel is the Good News of Jesus' willing sacrifice and offered forgiveness for our sin. Anyone who recognizes and genuinely accepts these as God's "terms" for  eternal life, is redeemed forever. This Gospel is to transform & flow through every new Christ Follower. This paradigm transforms us, our communities and our nations. This is the Primary Purpose for the Power of God until Jesus physically returns to take His followers to Heaven (Matt 24:14). Meanwhile there is Great Joy to be found (John 15:1-11, Luke 15:1-7)

Transportation: Walk next door, to the next cubicle or across the street - what every you can do...

Get to know your guide: In John 15:5 Jesus Says: "Abide in Me and you will produce much fruit". (The guy in the picture is not Jesus)

We're everywhere, Spirit-Empowered, Loving God, Loving People